Township: Vaul

Map Reference: Vaul 58

Name Type: machair

Meaning: See An Uailleineach in Longships on the Sand.

Other Forms: An Uailleineach - ONB p11, "applies to a small rock only visible at low water situated 1/4 of a mile NNE of Dun Beag and immediately SE of Bodha na h-Uailleinich, significance unknown."

Related Places: See Bodha na h-Uailleinich.


OS gives the same name to an offshore rock off the north coast of Vaul. Its correct use there is supported by a nearby submerged rock called Bodha na h-Uailleinich - JH.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Lachlan MacLean (Lachainn Sheumais), Vaul, 4/1996

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: Mary MacKinnon, Seaside, 12/1993