Township: Unknown Township,Vaul

Map Reference: Vaul 83

Name Type: church

Meaning: A church founded by St. Brendan. Ascribed to Vaul temporarily because of the two features Creag O'Briundainn and Glac nan Salm and the possible recording in the oral tradition of a church on Mithealum. But see Tobar Poll Fanaid, Sandaig .

Other Forms:

Related Places: Tobar Poll Fanaid or Tauberfanit, Sandaig

See The Life of Saint Columba, W Reeves , 1857, p308-17.

Local Form:

Languages : Iron, Obscure

Informants: “Bledach, attributed to St Brendan of Clonfert in the medieval Life of that saint.” Mull, Coll and Tiree RCAHMS pp27-8.