Township: Barrapol,Ceann a’ Bharra

Map Reference: Kenavara 18

Name Type: hill

Meaning: The hill of Ceann a' Bharra

Other Forms: Bin Sckarbarig - The map MVLA INSVLA in the Atlas of Scotland, Atlas Novus, by Joan Blaeu, 1654. These maps were largely based on work by Timothy Pont who mapped Scotland between 1583 and 1596. NLS, 123.

Ben Kenavara - Map of Tiree, reduced from a survey of the island by Langlands, in the possession of His Grace, The Duke of Argyll. Reproduced in The Island of Tiree by William Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, volume 2, 1854, p 233-244.

Ben Kenvar - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text.

Benchinivarrh Hill - Island Mull with Islands Tiri and Coll, M MacKenzie, 1775.

Ben Chinevarth - The map of John Ainslie, 1789, NLS

Beinn Ceann a' bharra - ONB p211

"Bho Bheinn Chinn-a-Bhara" - Na Baird Thirisdeach, ed. Rev Hector Cameron, An Comunn Thirisdeach, 1932, p247.

Related Places: See Kenvar.

Information:Extracts from 'The Gaelic Otherworld' by John Gregorson Campbell, Edited with commentary by Ronald Black, (Edinburgh; Birlinn, 2005) p38:

A man who went to fish on a Saturday afternoon at a rock in Beinn Chinn a’ Bhara (Kenavara Hill, the extreme west point of Tiree) did not make his appearance at home until six o’ clock the following morning. He said that after leaving the rock the evening before he remembered nothing but passing a number of beaches. The white beaches of Tiree, from the surrounding land being a dead level, are at night the most noticeable features in the scenery. On coming to his senses, he found himself on the top of the Dùn at Caolas in the extreme east end of the island, twelve miles from his starting point.

The highest point on Ceann a Bharra.

"Applies to the most south westerly point of the island of Tiree and presenting a romantic and precipitous face to the sea. It is perforated with a great many caves. They are not accessible except by boat" - ONB p211.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: OS