Township: Middleton

Map Reference: Middleton A

Name Type: agricultural

Meaning: Sleven's Croft

Other Forms:

Related Places:

This croft was used by the manager of the Glassary seaweed factory, James Sleven.

It was broken up and given to ten crofters - Sandy MacKinnon (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), Kilkenneth, 1/1995.

Sleven was a Catholic and a priest came to the island twice a year to say Mass.
Croft no. 1

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, English

Informants: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 4/1994

Informant 2: Mary MacArthur, Sandaig, 5/1994

Informant 3: Effie MacDonald, Middleton, 9/2009