Township: Middleton

Map Reference: Middleton 8

Name Type: building


Other Forms: An Glasaraidh - multiple

Kelp Manufactory - ONB p. 189 gives Kelp Manufactory, " a large stone and slated building...used in the manufactory of kelp."

Related Places:

Information:Five carters were employed to bring tangle to the factory. It was measured by the yardstick and the price was 4d for fresh tangle one yard deep and one yard high.. Crofters were paid by the 'truck' system. They were given a line by Archibald MacArthur and had to buy goods from the company shop. There was a big retort in the factory where the ash was made and there were 4 fires below it. The ash was taken out in the morning and was taken away by puffers. 5 or 6 crofters had to move to make way for the building of the factory. Niall na Crèige was the foreman and had a house next to the factory - Donald MacLean, Sandaig, SA 1976/135.

Closed 1902. Lord Stanford connection. SSS Card Index 76/135/A2.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, English

Informants: OS

Informant 2: multiple