Township: Kilmoluaig

Map Reference: Kilmoluaig Q

Name Type: agricultural

Meaning: Croft belonging to John, son of Hector, son of young John the son of Alan; or the croft of Malcolm Campbell

Other Forms:

Related Places:

Iain Eachainn Iain mhic Ailein Òig was the husband of Doris MacLean - there were four crofts combined. Iain mhic Ailein Òig had moved from the westernmost croft into Taigh Chaluim Chaimbeul which was just to the south of Doris' modern house - IMcK.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Iain Chaluim MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig, 4/1994 and 8/1995