Township: Kilmoluaig

Map Reference: Kilmoluaig M

Name Type: agricultural

Meaning: Croft belonging to Archibald Brown

Other Forms: The Club - IMcK

Related Places:

Gilleasbuig Brown vacated the croft around 1915 and it was shared four ways. His family got one share (Croit Iain Bhàin - R), Gilleasbuig Sheumais another, Dòmhnall Peigi a third and Dòmhnall 'ic Dhùghaill 'ic Chaluim (who built a smithy on his portion) the last - IMcK.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, English

Informants: Iain MacKinnon (Iain Chaluim), Kilmoluaig, 4/1994