Township: Kenovay

Map Reference: Kenovay 6?- location unknown - Balephetrish or Kenovay

Name Type: church

Meaning: See Cill-fhinnein in Longships in the Sand.

Other Forms: Kilfinnan - Map of Tiree, reduced from a survey of the island by Langlands, in the possession of His Grace, The Duke of Argyll. Reproduced in The Island of Tiree by William Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, volume 2, 1854, p 233-244.

Cill-Fhinnain “Local tradition here seems to be correct when it says that only unbaptised children were buried here.” - Handbook to the Islands of Coll and Tiree, Hector MacDougall and Rev. Hector Cameron, Archibald Sinclair, p88.

Cill-fhinnein - ONB p77. "A faint mark of an old burying place in the district of Kenovay, where....?." John Gregorson Campbell, Mr MacQuarrie, Hynish, and Hugh MacLean, farmer, Cornaig.

Cladh Chill Finnein - HAMcC

Related Places: Note another Cill-fhinnein in Balephetrish, ONB p58 JH.


Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: W. Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 2, 1854, p233-244, quoting Langlands' map.

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: Hugh Archie MacCallum, Whitehouse, 2/2010