Township: Gott

Map Reference: Gott 1

Name Type: watercourse

Meaning: See Riaghain in Longships on the Sand.

Other Forms:

Related Places:

Information:"Easgannan a Loch an Riadhain," - Na Baird Thirisdeach, ed. Rev Hector Cameron, An Comunn Thirisdeach, 1932, p263.

A band of "Vikings" came to stay on a house on an island in Loch a' Riadhain while the man of the house was away. They stayed for a week and then left taking away his wife and three children and setting fire to the house - as told to Donald MacDoald, Heanish by Isabella MacIntyre, Gott while haymaking in 1951. In 1955 it was a very dry summer and Danny Gillespie was digging out An Dig Mhòr when he came accross burnt looking pieces of wood - DMcD, 9/1995 and 3/1997. Confirmed by Rosie and Babs MacIntyre, Gott, 4/1997.

There were two islands in the loch when he was a boy in the 1930s. He nicknamed them 'Coll' and 'Tiree'. There is 'charcoal' west of An Tobhta Glas - DMcI.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Donald MacIntyre, Gott, 12/1995

Informant 2: OS