Township: Cornaigbeg

Map Reference: Cornaigbeg 4

Name Type: sea

Meaning: Most of these are likely to be Gaelic names. Glas-initial place-names are very common on the west coast, as in many examples of Glas Eilean and one Glais Eilean on North Uist (SP); there are five examples of An Glas Allt in Carloway alone (Cox 220, 299).
However, it is unusual to have two sets of islets with the same name so close together. Three informants give the reduced form Glaislin. It is possible that one of these features is a contrasting pair in ON hlíðin 'the slopes' with the nearby Greòdhlainn. Glas- is a common specific in Norway, as in Glasvik.

Other Forms: Glas Eilean Mòr - OS

Related Places: An Glaislean Beag


Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hector J Campbell, Cornaigbeg, 3/1994

Informant 2: OS