Township: Balevullin

Map Reference: Balevullin e

Name Type: house

Meaning: The house or ruin of Alasdair the son of Iain; or Slim William; or dark Johnny the son of Peggy the daughter of Alan.

Other Forms: Taigh Uilleim Chaoil - IMcK

Taigh Theònaidh (Dhuibh) Peigi Ailein - IMcK

Related Places:

There were threee MacLeans in the house - Uilleam Caol, who worked the croft and who was born the day the Vivo went aground, Teònaidh Dubh who worked in the shipyards of Glasgow and Ailig who became the estate ground officer in Heylipol - JMcC.

The uncle of Uilleam Caol was joiner for the estate - IMcK.

Ann Cameron has this house today.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, 11/2009

Informant 2: Iain MacKinnon (Iain Chaluim), Kilmoluaig, 3/1996