Township: Balemartine

Map Reference: Balemartine r

Name Type: house

Meaning: The house of Morag the daughter of Fiona the daughter of Duncan

Other Forms: Taigh Fionghala Dhòmhnaill 'ic Dhonnchaidh - AMcA

Taigh Mor Fionghala - Allan MacFadyen, Balemartine, 5/2009

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: David McClounnan, Balephuil, 1/1996

Informant 2: Katie Ann MacDougall, Crossapol, 3/1995

Informant 3: Alasdair MacArthur, Balemartine, 1/2007 and John Fletcher, Balemartine, 7/2014