Township: Balemartine

Map Reference: Balemartine 57

Name Type:

Meaning: Soroby dry stone dyke

Other Forms: Garradh Shoiribidh - Handbook to the Islands of Coll and Tiree, Hector MacDougall and Rev. Hector Cameron, Archibald Sinclair, p114.

Garadh Shoiribidh - Cameron, Rev. Hector (ed.), Na Bàird Thirisdeach, The Tiree Association, 1932, p142.

Related Places:

This feature is a part of the boundary between Balephuil and Mannal, at the base of Beinn Haoidhnis - i.e. some way from Sorobaidh. This implies that Soroby had quite extensive lands at some point - JH.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Bailtean is Ath-Ghairmean, Niall M Brownlie, Argyll Publishing, 1995, p 96.

Informant 2: Eilidh Kennedy (Eilidh bheag), Balemartine, 2/1994