Township: Balemartine

Map Reference: Balemartine 63

Name Type: building

Meaning: Jake's bothy

Other Forms: Bothag Bhaile Mhàrtainn

Bothan Theag - JB

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Information:His cousin, John MacFadyen, was the last buachaille in Balemartine in 1939. Allan was one of three who re-roofed it with old bed heads and turf in 1932. He was paid by the crofters £10 from 'term to term' - 28th of May to 28th of November. His job was to keep the cattle on the sliabh until about 9pm when he would take them down to be milked. If it was raining he would shelter in the bothag, but he spent the nights at home. He was one of three who re-roofed it with old bed heads and turf in 1932, when his cousin, John MacFadyen was the herd boy. The herd boy was meant to keep the cattle on the Balinoe side of Sliabh Bhaile Mhàrtainn in the morning and take them across the road to the other side of the sliabh at 2 o’ clock. John was killed in the Second World War in 1942 - AMcF.

Last bothan to be used on Tiree in 1939 when John MacFadyen left to go to the war - JB.

He left school at 13 and became the buachaille for Balemartine in 1922. He left home (barefoot) at six in the morning to let cows out of the Fang at seven and took them back at ten at night. All for £14 for the six months - Donald MacNeill (Dòmhnall an Tàilleir), 2/1997.

The last buachaille, or herdsboy, in Balemartine was John MacFadyen, his cousin, in 1939. He used Bothag Bhaile Mhartainn during the day if it was wet, but slept at night at home. John was killed in Italy in 1944. The bothag was dug down into the sliabh, made of bits and pieces of wood, such as bed ends, and covered with turves. After the war everywhere was fenced and herdsboys were no longer needed. Allan MacFadyen, Balemartine, 1/2008

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Allan MacFadyen, Balemartine, 1/1995

Informant 2: John Brown - SA1973/135