Township: Crossapol,Kenovay

Map Reference: Crossapol 28

Name Type: township

Meaning: There are at least three possibilities for the specific:
• OI teigr ‘strip of field or meadow-land...local names Teigr and Teigar-á’ (CV, 627). ‘The final /g/ is ‘in theory plosive, but tends to fall after diphthongs in Norwegian too’ (Berit Sandnes, pers. comm., and see Sandnes 2010a, 298). There is a Texsa on Islay, which Macniven derives from teigr (Macniven 2015, 181); there is a Taienish on Uist; there is a Teigeneset in Bømlo, Norway (NG); Teigen is a very common farm name in Norway, and there is an example of Teigenes as a farm name in Hyllestad (NG and OR); the unqualified simplex Teigur is a very common farm name in Iceland, and it is found as a qualified compound, e.g. Teigakot (SAM). On Tiree Heiðar-nes has followed a similar phonetic
development > Haoidhnis
• OI teinur ‘creel...teina-stæði a place where creels are stored’ (CV, 627)
< Teinefoss (NS). Teina and Teinavika are quite common in Norway (NS)
• ON þing means ‘an assembly’. A plausible location for a þing site is the nearby Loch an Eilein in Heylipol. Tingnes occurs three times in Norway (NG); Þing occurs thirteen times, and Þingnes twice, as farm names in Iceland (SAM); and Tinganes is the site of the modern parliament in the Faroe Islands. The development, however, from a monophthong /i/ to the nasalised triphthong /aoi/ is unlikely
The generic is ON nes ‘promontory’.

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A site of ruined houses and fields south west of Dùn Cheann a' Bhaigh, behind Iain Brown's house. If you stand on Cnoc Fhoineagal, it is in line with Paterson's farm in Crossapol - DMcL.

Local Form:

Languages : Unknown

Informants: Donald Maclean, Kenovay, 3/2000 and 12/2015