Township: Scarinish

Map Reference: Scarinish d

Name Type: house

Meaning: The house of Mary at the shore; or the house of the farm

Other Forms: Taigh Màiri Chladaich - MMcK, DMcP

Taigh an Fhearainn - DMcP

Related Places:

Taigh a’ Cladaich used to be a shebeen. One day a MacLean and another man started arguing and it led to a fight in which the other man was killed. The murderer ran off and hid for several days. On the day of the funeral the cortege started off for the graveyard at Ard Chircnis. On the way blood began to drip from the bottom of the coffin and an old man said this was a sign of the murderer being near at hand. At that moment who should come into view but MacLean and his brother, both big men, coming off Sithean Beinn Ghot. The group tried to apprehend them but they fought their way free and ran off to Skipnish. There they manhandled a large fishing boat into the sea and set off for Mull. They were never seen again. That was the last funeral at Ard Chircnis. Angus MacLean, Scarinish, 5/2009.

At one time the farm house for Scarinish farm. There was a stackyard behind - Hector MacPhail, Ruaig, 4/1994.

John Brown, of the Scarinish Hotel, put down some rails in front of the house for winching up his boat, the 'Spindrift'.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Margaret MacKinnon, Heanish, 1/1995

Informant 2: Duncan MacPhee, Scarinish, 6/1994