Township: Scarinish

Map Reference: Scarinish f

Name Type: building

Meaning: The byre of Nonnie or Sandy

Other Forms: Bàthach Nònaidh - DMcC

Bàthach Shandaidh - DC

Related Places:

Information:The Gaelic Otherworld, ed Ronald Black, p699:
Helen Margaret Maclean [daughter of Jean or Jane MacLean, sister of Rev John Gregorson Campbell - p689] was born on 27 October 1870 and Johanna Gregorson Campbell Maclean on 28 June 1878, both in the farmhouse at Scarinish; they had a sister Mary Graham Maclean born 9 July 1872, who appears not to have survived. The byre at Scarinish called Bàthach Nonaidh was presumably named after Johanna, who was known to everyone as Nonnie.

The structure south of Taigh Mairi Chladaich. Nònaidh was the daughter of Sandy MacLean She taught at Scarinish school. He remembers her - DMcC.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Donald MacCallum, Scarinish, 6/1994

Informant 2: Duncan Cameron, Scarinish, 8/2013