Township: Ruaig,Ruaig

Map Reference: Ruaig 101

Name Type: church

Meaning: The small Ruaig church; or Farquharson's church

Other Forms: Eaglais Bheag Ruaig - AS

Eaglais Mhic Fhearchair - AMcL

An Eaglais Shear = Ruaig Congregational Chapel, Jean MacPhail, Balephuil, 3/2005

Related Places: See Independent Chapel in Cornaigmore.

Information:In the 1940s there was a non-denominational Sunday school every Sunday afternoon in the Ruaig chapel, presided over by Dòmhnall Dhòmhnaill, Mary Seaside’s father from Vaul. Duncan remembers the social evening with Hector Meek behind the church door working a magic lantern show. He remembers the thrill of seeing a huge black and orange tiger on the screen, and Janet remembers an uplifting tale of the man who spilt his tray of oranges and the one boy who helped her pick them up. At the end they were given a little paper bag of buns, which were prized possessions in wartime, made by Kennedy’s in Oban. Duncan Grant and Janet MacIntosh, Ruaig and Caolas, 1/2009.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Alasdair Sinclair, Brock, 3/1996

Informant 2: Angus MacLean, Scarinish, 11/1996

Informant 3: Jean MacPhail, Balephuil, 3/2005