Township: Mannal

Map Reference: Mannal u

Name Type: house

Meaning: The house of the wife of the skipper

Other Forms:

Related Places: Taigh an Sgiobair in the Barracks, Hynish.

Information:The skipper's name was Sinclair and he was known as An Sgiobair Ruadh. He came from Orkney and she was his third wife. He had a smack going out to Skerryvore, but according to her uncle "he was no skipper, he just put on a hat!" He moved from his flat in the Barracks in Hynish and married the sister of Iain Mhurchaidh. The house was built by the grandfather of Duncan MacPhee - JMcK.

Anna, Bean a' Sgiobair, was the sister of Murchadh Iain Brown and built her house on Croit Eòghainn Mhurchaidh (her nephew) - EK.

Bean an Sgiobair’s parents came from Taigh Iain Mhurchaidh, Balemartine. Eilidh Kennnedy, Balevullin, 11/1994

Taigh Bean a' Sgiobair was built by Duncan MacPhee’s grandfather. Jessie Battlefield MacKinnon, Mannal, 3/1995.

Lady Victoria Campbell stayed in Taigh Bean an Sgiobair when she came to the island at first. She organised sports for the children at Island House and had a podium from which she gave a speech. Alasdair Sinclair, Balinoe, 2/1996

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Jessie (Teasaidh Lachainn) MacKinnon, Mannal, 11/1994

Informant 2: Eilidh Kennedy (Eilidh bheag), Balemartine, 5/1996