Township: Cornaigbeg,Kenovay

Map Reference: Kenovay 13

Name Type: gateway

Meaning: MacCaoilteachan's gateway

Other Forms:

Related Places: Cachaileith Mhic Chaoilteachain, Kenovay; Sloc MhicChaoilteachain, Scarinish; Taigh or Tobhta MhicChaoilteachain, Barrapol; Taigh or Tobhtaichean MhicChaoilteachain, Scarinish; GĂ rradh MhicChaoilteachain, Barrapol.

On the present road at the boundary between Cornaigbeg and Kenovay - HJC.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hector J Campbell, Cornaigbeg, 11/1994