Township: Hynish

Map Reference: Hynish 6

Name Type: building

Meaning: The Upper Square, a row of four lighthouse keepers' cottages; number one, nearest the road, was larger and was the home of the head keeper

Other Forms:

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Number 1 (nearest the road) was lived in by the head keeper because it is larger.
1. John Hume (Walter's father). He moved from Heylipol when he became older
2. Oighrig Eachainn 'ic Nèill (an aunt of Chrissie Macfarlane)
3. Lachainn Crawford or Charlie Hamilton (from Barrapol)
4. John MacNeill (brother of Alec, Greenhill, Balevullin)

No.4 was occupied from 1941 to 1986 by Alistair, elder brother of Alec MacNeill,Greenhill(name of family croft) Balevullin,and his family.
No. 2 was also for some time rented by Hugh MacDonald,Manal House. This was after occupancy by Mrs Kate Crawford. Alistair MacNeill, North Berwick, 1/2012.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, English

Informants: Jessie MacKinnon (Teasaidh Lachainn), Mannal, 6/1994

Informant 2: Lachie MacFarlane, Hynish, 9/1995