Township: Heylipol

Map Reference: Heylipol 7

Name Type: road

Meaning: The side road of Charles the son of Hugh

Other Forms:

Related Places:

Information:Eachann a' Ghoirtein Mhòir (MacArthur) was moved from a croft on this Ùtraid by the factor to Caolas - DMcK.

Niall a' Mhoraire was cleared in 1855 from a croft on this Ùtraid - Hector MacPhail, Ruaig, 12/1955

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: James Campbell, Heylipol, 1/1994

Informant 2: Donald MacKinnon (Donald the Plumber), Sandaig, 3/1995

Informant 3: SA 1976/137/A1