Township: Balinoe,Heylipol

Map Reference: Balinoe 6

Name Type: sliabh

Meaning: See Ceansa in Longships on the Sand.

Other Forms: Ceansa - ONB p197, "a small hill...meaning unknown."

Ceansa, 1878 OS 6inch 1st edition
Cheos-thaobh, Cameron 1932, 228
Ceòsaibh, Brownlie 1995, 100
Cnoc na Ceòsabh, Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, 3/1994?(oral source)
Mullach Cheòsabh, Willie MacLean, Balinoe, 12/1996 (oral source)

Related Places:

Information:"Gu'n robh mo bhas ris air taillibh Cheos-thaobh" - Na Baird Thirisdeach, ed. Rev Hector Cameron, An Comunn Thirisdeach, 1932, p228 may refer to this.

This was in Heylipol in her childhood - Seonaid Brown, Balephuil, 10/2011.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic, Iron, Obscure

Informants: Mairi Campbell, Corrairigh, 7/2009

Informant 2: Willie MacLean, Balinoe, 12/1996

Informant 3: ONB