Township: Heylipol

Map Reference: Heylipol 12

Name Type: house

Meaning: Heylipol Manse

Other Forms: Seann Mhans a’ Chruairtein - AMcA

Todhar an Teampaill, Templefield - W. Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 2, 1854, p233-244, quoting Langlands' map.

Dobhar an Teampaill ('Temple Water') - Bailtean is Ath-Ghairmean, Niall M Brownlie, Argyll Publishing, 1995, p102.

Heylipol House - OS

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Information:A MacLean from Balemartine came to the manse at New Year hoping for a dram. The minister (the one before MacInnes) was out but his housekeeper or wife opened the door and let him in. She asked him if he would take tea and MacLean said yes. He noticed as she prepared tea that she had a large sore on her lip and that there was only one cup. Thinking it would be rude to refuse, he picked up the cup with his left hand and started drinking. "Ah! You are left-handed (ciotach) like myself!" she said - David McClounnan, Balephuil, 11/1997.

At one time there was a parish school on the site of the manse. The present building [Heylipol Farm - JH] is situated on a knoll called Dobhar an Teampaill ('Temple Water'). It is no longer a manse but the rent office for the estate...The last minister to occupy the manse was the late Rev Neil MacInnes from Broadford in Skye - Bailtean is Ath-Ghairmean, Niall M Brownlie, Argyll Publishing, 1995, p102.

The Gaelic Otherworld, ed Ronald Black, p660:
Since 1877, the year when the first minister of Heylipol, Archibald MacDonald, ascended his pulpit in Moss.

A Church of Scotland manse until 1952 when the parishes changed - Rev Neil MacKinnon, Gott, 2/1994.

A site of a school at one time - DK.

Eilidh worked there for Rev Neil MacInnes for seven years around 1934 - EK.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Eilidh (bheag) Kennedy, Balevullin, 10/1993

Informant 2: Donald Kennedy, Port Ban, 1/1994

Informant 3: Alec MacArthur (Ailig Beag), Heylipol, 11/1994