Township: Cornaigmore

Map Reference: Cornaigmore 50

Name Type: building

Meaning: Bothy of Cornaig

Other Forms:

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Information:The name refers to an area around the gate in the fence around his croft - IMcD

The Hough seer, Iain mac Eachainn Bhàin foretold that Bothag Chòrnaig would be splattered with blood, Lachie MacLean, Kilmoluaig, 2/1998.

This was not built for a herdboy, but was more like a dùn or fort. Bothag Chornaig was where the MacGoogans now live. Bothag Chornaig was the site of the ‘Battle of the Sheaves’. He adds the detail that the Norsemen’s eyes were blinded by the ‘sticky’ ears of the barley. The attack was at harvest time. His father ‘s uncle, Lachlan MacPhail, was a deep sea captain and piper. He was home at the end of the First World War and they lit a bonfire at Bothag Chornaig as it is the highest point in the township. They got permission to burn an old 20 foot boat of the Kennedy’s from Port a’ Bhata and Lachlan cut it in two. They were hauling it up to the Bothag with Iain mac Dhòmhnaill at the front when the others stopped pulling and they were amazed to see that Iain could pull it by himself. Willie MacPhail, Clachan, 11/2009.

Fifty years ago [1880s], the respective herds of the two farms of Clachan has a well-appointed bothy on this site. It was well-built of good faced stone, and had a regular flight of steps leading into it, for the whole structure except the roof was underground." MacDougall and Cameron 1937, 91

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Willie MacPhail, Clachan, 6/1995

Informant 2: Iain MacDonald, Sgibinis, 9/2017