Township: Cornaigbeg

Map Reference: Cornaigbeg l

Name Type: house

Meaning: House belonging to Fair (haired) Neil

Other Forms: Taigh Theàrlaich Bhàin - house belonging to Fair-haired Charles
Taigh Eachainn Theàrlaich Eachainn - house belonging to Hector, son of Charles, son of Hector

Related Places: See Taigh a' Ghobhainn, Caolas.

Information:Niall Bàn was a blacksmith and had come originally from Croit Ronnie in Cornaigbeg. He had a smithy just to the south of his house. There was competition from a number of other smithies in the area and he moved to Caolas. Calum a' Ghobhainn in Caolas was Calum Alasdair Nèill Bhàin. Niall was the great grandfather of Willie MacIntosh. Niall's sister, Mairi MacDonald wove tartan designed by Mairi Uisdein from Balemartine who is mentioned in Na Baird Thirisdeach. Niall was followed into the house by his nephew Tearlach Bàn who moved there from Corrairigh in Cornaigbeg who maried Floraidh lachainn. His son, Eachann Thearlaich eachainn was Hector's grandfather- HMcP.
The site of the 'Viking' grave hoard was somewhere behind this house - HMcP.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hector MacPhail, Ruaig, 4/1994 and 6/1996