Township: Caolas,Milton

Map Reference: Milton 63

Name Type: watercourse

Meaning: Loch of the mill; or the long loch

Other Forms: Loch Fadd - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text.

L. Fad - The map of Adam Black, 1862, NLS

Loch a’ Mhuilinn - ONB p145

Loch a’ Mhuilinn or Loch Fada , Coll and Tiree, Erskine Beveridge, Birlinn, 2004, p71.

An Loch Fada

Related Places:

Information:The Baptist Church used to perform adult baptisms here - Charles MacDonald, Vaul, 2/2012.

'In July 1985 during a particularly wet summer, when the rain was more or less ceaseless. We returned to ‘Coll View’ to take over (as usual) The former ‘Loch Fada’ was filled on both sides of the Milton road, and the ‘Annaidean’ were submerged. I have never seen such floods in Caolas' DM
These two lochs are not the same - AMcL.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Angus MacLean, Scarinish, 12/1993

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: Professor Donald Meek, Caolas 8/2019