Township: Barrapol,Barrapol

Map Reference: Barrapol 54

Name Type: machair

Meaning: Hillock of the ridge of the night

Other Forms:

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Information:One night some old men were fishing for sand eels (siolagan) on Traigh Bhì. When they looked back at Cnoc Druim na h-Oidhche there were fairies dancing on it HMcL.
If you stand at Fang Bharrapol at the base of Ceann a' Bharra and look out to sea, it is the highest sand dune in front of you.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, 3/1994

Informant 2: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, collected by Ailean Boyd

Informant 3: Donald MacNeill (Dòmhnall an Tailleir), The Land, 2/1997