Township: Barrapol,Barrapol

Map Reference: Barrapol 300

Name Type: township

Meaning: See Barrapoll in Longships on the Sand.

Other Forms: Barapole, 1509 ER xii, 217
Bairrepoill, 1541 ER xvii, 647
Barrepoill, 1638 RMS ix, 828
Barrabol and Loch Barrabol, 1654 Blaeu (Pont)
Barrepoill, 1674 Retours ARG, 82
Barrabol, c. 1734 van Keulen, Zee-Fakkel
Barapole, 1794 Cregeen 1964, 38
Barrapoll, 1878 OS 6inch 1st edition 1878

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Information:Extracts from 'The Gaelic Otherworld' by John Gregorson Campbell, Edited with commentary by Ronald Black, (Edinburgh; Birlinn, 2005), p246:

Three years ago a man who claims to have the second sight was on his way home at night to Barrapol, in the west end of Tiree, from the mill (which is in the centre of the island) with a sack of meal on his back. He laid down the sack and rested by the wayside. When swinging the burden again on his shoulder he observed a figure standing beside him, and then springing on the top of the sack on his back. It remained there, rendering the sack very oppressive, till he reached home, some miles further on.
Footnote 848: Compare how the Fairies would increase the weight of a deer beign barried off the hill until a knife was stuck into it, pp. 15, 24, 70-71. ‘Three years ago’ will mean c. 1871.

The present township is divided into three - Barrapol, Goirtean Dòmhnaill and Baile Mhic 'Eotha'.

There are 16 crofts - NB.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse