Township: Balinoe

Map Reference: Balinoe j

Name Type: house

Meaning: The house or ruin of Donald the son of Colin

Other Forms:

Related Places:

Information:The uncle of Archie 'Bel. He came from Mull and was the Receiver of Wrecks - HMcL.

The ruin opposite Archie ‘Bel’s house was lived in by Clann Chailein - Allan MacFadyen, Balemartine, 5/2009.

The uncle of Archie 'Bel. They were Campbells and worked for the estate. They came from Inveraray - Mairi Campbell, Corrairigh, 7/2009.
Opposite Taigh Archie 'Bel - HMcL.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, 10/1995