Township: Balevullin

Map Reference: Balevullin 62

Name Type: machair

Meaning: The gully of sawing

Other Forms:

Related Places: See Baca Dhonnchaidh.

100 yards south-east of his field. In those days there was a lot of timber being washed up on the shore. This sloc was a gap between two small rises in the machair which allowed a log to be put over it. One man crouched down in the bottom of the gap and the other was on top, working the 8 foot saw vertically to make planks. The saw was given to Alasdair by his uncle. Duncan and Willie MacLean were estate joiners from Taigh Theonaidh Dhuibh and they used this sloc - AMcD.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Alasdair MacDonald, Druimasadh, 6/1994