Township: West Hynish

Map Reference: West Hynish 120

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Meaning: East Hynish | Historic upland township. The well-attested farm of Heren appears for the first time in the rentals of Tiree in 1496. The name is listed in the 1509 Exchequer Rolls in the parish of Soroby, and was usually rented along with Crossapol and Mannal. The 1654 Blaeu map, based on a Pont survey between 1583 and 1614, places Hyring on the southwest slopes of Beinn Haoidhnis, where there is extensive evidence of pre-Improvement cultivation. The 1674 rental lists Eyrme between Tayneish and Bellephuill (MacPhail 1914, 289). This farm was valued at one merkland, along with Gott and Crossapol as the farms with the lowest rent on Tiree. In the same year Hynish and Balephuil were each valued at six merklands (Johnston 1991). Heren is likely to have been a late Norse utset expansion settlement from Haoidhnis (see Tait 2012, 59). The last record of Heren was in 1695.

The name may derive from ON heiðrin ‘the moor’, with the post-positioned bound definite article (see Hayon, Sandnes 2010a, 120).
See Hayon in Orkney above. Heidane occurs four times in Norway (NG); Heiðan occurs twice as a settlement name in the Faroe Islands (KO); and Heiði occurs nine times as a farm name in Iceland (SAM). This is topographically appropriate as the 'heathery' part of Hynish farm township

Other Forms: Possibly Heriuan - 9 July 1679, ICA Bundle 472/194

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Languages : Obscure

Informants: Blaeu 1654