Township: West Hynish

Map Reference: West Hynish 78

Name Type:

Meaning: Dig ScG 'ditch'

The first element is very common in Norway and the Norse expansion zone. There is a Calligeo on North Uist (SP), and a Calback in Delting, Shetland (Sigmundsson, in Gammeltoft et al., 2005, 214); Kalle- and Kaller- are common in Norway, for example Kallervika in Lurøy, Norway (NG); there is a Kalle, a Kallevik and a Kalleberg in OR. The specific is likely to be:
• ON kald ‘cold’: /ld/ is often assimilated (see Glossary) to /ll/, as in Calbost (Gammeltoft 2001, 106). Jakobsen derives Kaldbak, Unst, as ‘the cold mountain side’ (Jakobsen 1936, 21). Kald- is a common farm name in Norway, as in Kaldefoss (OR); Kaldbakken in Oslo derives from kald (NS); there are several examples of Kaldbakur in Iceland (Sigmundsson, in Gammeltoft et al., 2005, 214 and SAM), and there are several examples of Kaldakinn as a farm name in Iceland (SAM); and there is a Kaldbak in the Faroe Islands. There is an ScG Am Poll Fuar ‘the cold pool’ in Cornaigmore
• ON kalfr ‘calf’ (see Oftedal 2009, 50)
• ON kelda (genitive keldu) ‘well, spring’ (CV, 335). While there are no cognates in Norway (NG or OR); there is a Keldie on Papa Westray, Orkney; a Keldar on Fetlar, Shetland (SP); and there are two examples of Keldur, and Keld- occurs seven times as a farm name in Iceland (SAM). There is a nearby well known today as ScG Tobar Mhoire ‘the well of the Virgin Mary’, a pre-Reformation ecclesiastical name showing the feature’s significance
The generic is ON hryggr ‘back; ridge’ (Sandnes 2010a, 237).

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Information:All the township rubbish was dumped there in a long hollow at the back of the Bail' Ùr.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: David McClounnan, Balephuil, 10/1996