Township: Vaul

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Name Type: house

Meaning: The house of Isabella Black. Later named 'Ceol na Mara' by the Grants

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Information:The house, "Number 3, Vaul" is on the 1878 Ordnance Survey as a linear building with four compartments, probably a dwelling house, and a barn/byre/pigsty or stable.

Isabella Black was born on Tiree (1901 Census), or Busby, Renfrew (1911 Census). Her sister, Mary, was a cook. Their grandmother, Mary MacLean, was a Vaul crofter (1901 Census). Isabella is on the 1911 Census staying in Vaul with her aunt Flora MacLean, a weaver, probably in that house. She was teacher, and may have taught at Ruaig School. However, she spent most of life in Glasgow. Tina remembers Bella being quite strict and testing her on her spelling, whereas her sister, Mary, a cook, was jollier and gave them sweeties.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Tina MacArthur, Caolas, 9/2018

Informant 2: Charlie MacDonald, Vaul, 9/2018