Township: Vaul

Map Reference: Vaul 86

Name Type: shore

ONB gives "?Kosses creek."
The fact that there is just one documentary source forces us to be cautious. The name is a Gaelic construction with the loan word ScG sloc 'gully' < ON *sl?kk. Despite the apparent lack of a definite article this may be derived from ScG maois fem. 'basket, quantity of seaweed or the rope for collecting seaweed' (Dwelly), a loan word from ON meiss 'basket'.
It is entirely plausible, however, that *Mhaois may be an ex nomine onomastic unit from a Norse place-name. ON veisa 'pool, pond of stagnant water ... the name of a farm [in Iceland and] the name of a tarn in Lister, Norway' (CV, 691). This suits the topography; ScG Loch na Faing 'the loch of the fank' is a small man-made pool here created to allow cattle to drink before being left for the night at the shore. The phonetic development ei > aoi is common: for example Haoidhnis (see section
There is a Weisdale in Shetland (SP); Veisa and Veiset are quite common names in Norway, where Veis- is a common specific (NG).

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Languages : Gaelic

Informants: OS, ONB p99