Township: Vaul

Map Reference: Vaul 69

Name Type: sea

Meaning: It is difficult to reconcile the two forms given by this one informant. There are at least three possible reconstructions:
• The male ON personal name Skári
• ON skári ‘young seagull...hence the local name Skára-staðir’ (CV, 542)
with metathesis (see Scrabster in Gammeltoft 2001, 144)
• OI skraut ‘finery, ornament’, with ON bryggja ‘landing’. There is a Skrautvøl in Nord-Aurdal (Skrautuale in 1336 < OI skraut ‘ornament’ – NS; ‘skrauti ‘the name of a ship’ – CV, 556); there is a Skraudalen in Levanger, Norway (NG); and Skrauthólar is a farm name in Iceland (SAM)
The generic is ON bryggja ‘landing place’.

Other Forms: Sgarabaig

Sgràbraig - MMcK, Seaside

Related Places:

A small inlet opposite the ruin just north of Seaside - MMcK.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Mary MacKinnon, Seaside, 11/1993