Township: Unknown Township

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Name Type: monastery

Meaning: Artchain “The blessed man’s prophecy about Findchán, founder of the monastery called in Irish Artchain on the island of Tiree.” Book One 36 p138.

Findchán mentioned here cannot be identified with any of the saints of that name in the Irish martyrologies...Nothing is known of him beyond this story. Note 156, p296. Adomnán of Iona, ed. Richard Sharpe, Penguin Classics, 1995.

All promontory names in Ard 'promontory' were collected by the Ordnance Survey in the masculine form Ard, rather than the feminine Àirde: Ard Mòr (OS/1/2/34/84/39); Ard Beag (OS/1/2/34/84/45); An t-Ard (OS/1/2/34/84/96); Cist an Àird Mhòir (OS/1/2/34/84/205). This may be because of the bias of the main informant, Rev John Gregorson Campbell. This was also common in Argyll generally - e.g. Rudh' an Aird Fhada on Mull (OS/1/2/21/13) - although feminine forms are also common - Rudha na h-Airde Moire on Islay (OS/1/2/34/84). Names collected more recently on Tiree do sometimes have a feminine form.

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Tentatively ascribed to Ardcircnis in Balephetrish - JH.

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Languages : Unknown

Informants: Adomnán of Iona, ed. Richard Sharpe, Penguin Classics, 1995

Informant 2: W. Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 2, 1854, p233-244