Township: Skerryvore

Map Reference: Skerryvore 10

Name Type: sea


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Information:Chart of the Position of the Skerryvore Rocks and Foulground from a Survey made for the Commissioner of Northern Lighthouses. James Ritson, Surveyor, 1846.

I cannot dismiss the subject of the survey [of Skerryvore in 1835] without mentioning the late Mr James Ritson, who acted as principal assistant surveyor, and to whose zeal and intelligence so much of its accuracy is to be attributed. The deep gully which intersects the main Rock from NE to SW and across which he one day sprang while it was filled with a breaking wave, bears his name as a memorial. p39. Account of the Skerryvore Lighthouse by Alan Stevenson, 1848 (AI 2001.144.1)

Local Form:

Languages : English

Informants: Alan Stevenson, Account of Skerryvore Lighthouse, 1848