Township: Scarinish

Map Reference: Scarinish 116

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Other Forms:

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Information:'N am bhi direadh ri Tir-Chapull - p 166 Na Baird Thirisdeach, poem by John MacLean.

"'na shinteagan gu Tir-chapull" - Na Baird Thirisdeach, ed. Rev Hector Cameron, An Comunn Thirisdeach, 1932, p 324.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Handbook to the Islands of Coll and Tiree, Hector MacDougall and Rev. Hector Cameron, Archibald Sinclair, p120.

Informant 2: Neil Johnston, Heanish, 6/1994

Informant 3: Na Baird Thirisdeach