Township: Ruaig,Ruaig

Map Reference: Ruaig 58

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The lack of source forms makes this name difficult to reconstruct safely. There are at least three possible specifics:
• ON bygg ‘barley’ (CV, 89). Bygland in Norway derives in this way (NS); there is a Byggvika in Flekkefjord, Norway (NG); Bygnes and Bygvigen are farm names in Norway (OR)
• ON bygð ‘residence...denotes the dwellings and the whole cultivated Norway distinction is made between bygðir and sætr...bygðar-lag a district’ (CV, 89). Bygdøy in Norway derives in this way (NS); Bygdnes is a farm name in Norway (OR); and Byggðarholt is a farm name in Iceland (SAM)
• Bygstad in Gaular, Norway derives from the male ON personal name Bjúgr (NS)
The generic is ON vík ‘bay’, which would give the palatalised ending
This name could also derive from ScG beag ’small’ with the ScG locational suffix -ag. There is an Inbhear Beagaig on Loch Eil (SP).

Other Forms: Am Port Beag - OS

Am Port Beagag - LMcK

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: Angus MacLean, Scarinish, 2/1996

Informant 2: Lachie MacKinnon, Brock, 1990

Informant 3: OS