Township: Ruaig,Sothaigh

Map Reference: Soay 37

Name Type: sea

Meaning: This may be a Gaelic coinage, from ScG suacan (genitive suacain, plural suacanan) ‘earthen pot, earthen furnace, crucible; croslet; awkward mixture, anything wrought together awkwardly, as clay’ (Dwelly), from Irish suachgan ‘earthen pot’ (MacBain), although this does not seem topographically very appropriate.
However, this could be a Norse coinage, from OI suga fem. ‘sucking’ (CV, 603), with the post-positioned bound definite article > sugin. This finds some support from the Norse expansion zone with Sukka occuring four times in Shetland, as in Pobie Sukka (SP), while Sukke occurs seven, and Sukken three, times in Norway (NG). See Suacain and Sùghachan below

Other Forms: Na Suacain - ONB p167, with An sogain and The snout crossed out.

Related Places: Suacan, Milton


Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Lachlan MacKinnon, Brock, 1990

Informant 2: OS