Township: Moss

Map Reference:

Name Type: township


Other Forms: Monighel or The Common Moss - Fergusson.

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Information:At the south end of Moss, and in distinction to A' Mhointeach Ruadh, which is how the township of Moss is known in Gaelic today - JH.

A’ Mhòinteach Ruadh ran from Heylipol church to Alec MacPhail’s house in Moss (‘Sruthan’). North of that it was A’ Mhòinteach Gheal possibly because windblown sand from Balevullin. Joanne MacKinnon, Barrapol, 3/2003 via Catriona MacLeod. Possibly because it was covered in bog cotton in the summer - JH.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: James Fergusson map of 1863 based on Turnbull's map of 1768 (at the back of Eric Cregeen's book)