Township: Kilmoluaig,Moss

Map Reference: Kilmoluaig 131

Name Type: sliabh

Meaning: Moss | A small loch and low hillock in an area of worked-out peat diggings

The derivation is ON steinn 'stone, boulder, rock' (CV, 591) with ON hóll ‘rounded hill’. The name has been gaelicised as Loch nan Steàrnail 'the loch of the terns' (Donald Kennedy, Port Ban, 2/1994 and Rena MacDonald, Clachan, 2/1994: oral sources). There is no obvious surviving stone feature.
There is a Steineval on Uist and a Stein Sheoil in Stornoway, Lewis (SP); there is a Steinhollet in Norway (NG); while Steinhóll is a farm name in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms:

Related Places: Loch Stanail.

Recorded as map reference 972453

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Alasdair MacDonald, Kilmoluaig, 1990