Township: Kilmoluaig

Map Reference: Kilmoluaig 66

Name Type: sub-township


Other Forms: Bisstie - The map MVLA INSVLA in the Atlas of Scotland, Atlas Novus, by Joan Blaeu, 1654. These maps were largely based on work by Timothy Pont who mapped Scotland between 1583 and 1596. NLS, 123.

Beist - Inhabitants of the Inner Isles 1716, Scottish Record Society 21, ed . Nicholas MacLean-Bristol, 1998.

Beist - Tiree Rental 1747.

Beist - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text.

Biest - List of Inhabitants of Tiree 1776

Beist (1794) - Argyll Estate Instructions, ed. Eric Cregeen, Scottish History Society, 1964

Bosd - Cameron, Rev. Hector (ed.), Na Bàird Thirisdeach

Related Places: Beist Bay

Information:Cameron, Rev. Hector (ed.), Na Bàird Thirisdeach, The Tiree Association, 1932

Gilleasbuig Mac Illeathain

Page 21
’S iomadh aon chaidh air fògradh,
Bh’ ann a d’ choir ’s cha bu bheag i,
Eadar Bosd agus Cornaig,
Ceann an loin ann ’s an eaglais;
’S iad a nis air an sganradh,

Local Form:

Languages : Obscure

Informants: Blaeu 1654

Informant 2: Cameron, Rev. Hector (ed.), Na Bàird Thirisdeach,