Township: Kilmoluaig

Map Reference: unknown exact location

Name Type:

Meaning: There are at least two possibilities for the specific:
• The male ON personal name Bassi (genitive case Bassa) (Gammeltoft 2001, 302). There are no names in Bass- on NG, but Bassebu is recorded as a farm name in OR; Bassastaðir is a farm name in Iceland (SAM)
• ON vatn ‘water or loch’ (see Vastray, Sandnes 2010a, 254; Vassay, Marwick 1947, 73). ‘Vatn...the genitive singular is, agreeably with the pronunciation, in old vellums invariably spelt vatz, vaz, or vazt...The modern sound is vass; [here], however, the etymological form vatns has mostly been compounds...vatns-ból ‘a watering-place’’ (CV, 681). There is a Wasbist on Westray (Gammeltoft 2001, 160) and a Vatsie on yell, Shetland (SP); Vassbygdi is quite a common name in Norway, and there is a Vassbotn in Saltdal (NG); Vatnsdalur, Vatnshóll, Vatnskot and Vatnshlíð are farm names in Iceland (SAM). ‘Back- formation: where ON loan words or loan-names have radical initials which correspond to lenited consonants in Gaelic, they may be ‘restored’ to appropriate radical forms in Gaelic, e.g. ON vág [the accusative form] > ScG bàgh ‘bay’’ (Cox 2002b, 53) The generic is likely to be ON ból ‘farm’ (Gammeltoft 2001, 302), which puts it in line to be a secondary settlement from Biostadh. It is now part of Kilmoluaig township, but early rental records show it was a settlement in its own right. The whole loch is likely to have been too large for the generic ON pollr ‘pool’, and would probably have been named in ON vatn ‘lake’.

Other Forms: Bassapole, 1509 ER xiii, 216
Bassapoill, 1638 RMS ix, 828
L. Basbol, 1654 Blaeu (Pont)
Bassobull, 1662 ICA NE11, no. 15
Bassapole, 1716 MacLean-Bristol
Loch Vassapoll, 1768 Turnbull
Loch Bhasapoll, 1878 OS 6inch 1st edition

Related Places: See Loch Bhasapol, Kilmoluaig.

Presumed near Loch Bhassapol.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Inhabitants of the Inner Isles 1716

Informant 2: Tiree Rental 1747