Township: Kilkenneth

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The lack of source forms makes this name difficult to reconstruct safely. The English definite article is used, leading to the possibilities that this is either an unqualified simplex EG barr > ScG bàrr ‘eminence’, or that it is from ON varða ‘cairn or beacon’. ‘The velar fricative [?] frequently terminates otherwise open final syllables, e.g. Bòstadh < ON Bólstað ‘the farm’’ (Cox 2002b, 64).
There is a Barradh Mor on Islay and a Barradh-greine on North Uist (SP) and a de B?rd on Bressay, Shetland (Jakobsen 1936, 22). See Barra and Bharra

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Information:“I don’t know why they call it The Barradh. It must be because it’s higher than the rest of the ground [in Kilkenneth].” - HK

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Languages : Norse, English

Informants: Hector Kennedy, Heylipol, SA1977.074