Township: Kilkenneth

Map Reference: Kilkenneth 2

Name Type: church

Meaning: The chapel dedicated to St Kenneth; or St Columba .

ScG Cill Choinnich ‘the chapel dedicated to Saint Cainnech’. One informant, however, gave ScG Eaglais Choluim Chille (David McClounnan, Balephuil, 10/1994, oral source) ‘the church of saint Columba’ for the site.
‘The walls of Kilkenneth Chapel are still in very complete preservation... Immediately to the NE is a rocky mound upon which lay many ancient human remains some of which had been re-interred...The dedication is to Cainnech Mocu Dalon of Achadh Bó, who was a friend and helper of Columba and who died in 599 or 600.’ (Canmore website, accessed 8/2015; Canmore ID 21471).

Other Forms: Eaglais Chille Choinnich - Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 5/1994

Eaglais Choluim Chille David McClounnan, Balephuil, 10/1994

Cill Choinnich - ONB

Teampall Chille Choinnich - Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, 4/2009

Related Places: Cladh Chille Choinnich.

Information:Neil Alec MacLean's (Hough) great great grandmother was the last person to be buried in Kilkenneth graveyard. He never heard of Eaglais Choluim Chille - Sandy MacKinnon (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), Kilkenneth, 12/1993 and 4/1995.

The last person buried there was the great great great grandfather of Neil Alec MacLean, a man called Feòras (Fitzroy) - Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 8/1995.

Feoras Kennedy was the last man to be buried here - SSS card index B1 77/70/B2
"The chapel at Kilkenneth...they no longer bury here." Old Statistical Account 1791 by Rev Archibald McColl, p402.

The ONB says " a small enclosure formerly used as a burying place." "Close to the burying ground is the remains of an ancient chapel, and most probably one of the 15 mentioned in Fullarton's Imperial Gazeteer of Scotland."

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: OS

Informant 2: David McClounnan, Balephuil, 10/1994

Informant 3: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 5/1994