Township: Hynish

Map Reference: Hynish 11

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The specific is ON skip (genitive singular skips, genitive plural skipa) ‘a ship: it is the generic name, including ships of every size and shape’ (CV, 547). The generic is either ON dalr ‘valley or piece of ground’, skips-dalr 'the ground of the boat', or ON st?ðull 'milking place'.
There is a Skipisdale on Barra (Stahl 1999, 268); there is a Skipsdalen in Fjell, Norway (NG); and there is a Skipádalur in the Faroe Islands (KO). This name may reference ScG Port na Birlinn 'the inlet of the galley' now bisected by Alan Stevenson's Hynish pier 400 m to the east. However, Tràigh Sgiobasdail itself is not suitable for a noust or landing site, and it is more likely that a wrecked longship accounted for the name. In 1872 the barque Regina was wrecked here (Canmore ID 256038) and her windlass lay on the shore for many years.

Other Forms: Tràigh Sgiobasdail - WL; John MacDonald, Mannal, SA1972, 144

Tràigh Sgiobasail - OS

Tràigh Sgiobasail - ONB p247 meaning "beach of the low boat."

Related Places:

The windlass of the barque 'Regina' used to be seen here at low water (see Canmore). See Sloc a' Ghuail

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Willie Lamont, Mannal, 9/1995

Informant 2: OS