Township: Hynish

Map Reference: Hynish 33

Name Type: shore

Meaning: Hynish | A fishing rock at the end of ScG Lag na Cleite 'the hollow of the hill', or Happy Valley. The shingle on this southwest-facing beach, amplified by the steep valley sides, generates a loud booming noise as the swell rises. Heard all over the southwest corner of the island, this is the source of a local tradition predicting the weather: ‘Tha Tra' Balbhaig a' glaodhach' [Tràigh Balbhaig is shouting]. Somewhat counter-intuitively, if this beach is 'shouting' in August, it is a sign of good weather to come (Alec Hector MacDonald, Hynish; David McClounnan, Balephuil, pers. comm.). See Balbhaig.

This name has presumably transferred from ScG Lag na Cleite ‘the hollow of the rounded hill’, now often known by an English name: Happy Valley. The generic is likely to be ON dalr ‘valley’ used here, unusually for Tiree, in the true sense of the word. However, the form Rumidil collected by the Ordnance Survey, suggests ON deild ‘part; portion or share of land’ (see CV, 98). The specific may be OI rymr 'roaring ... rym-fjall the roaring fell' (CV, 505). The Norwegian names Rømsjøen and Rømskog derive from rymja (NS). The phonetic development y > u is common on Tiree, as in Muradal.

Other Forms:
Rumidil - ONB p240

Rùmadal a-Mach, Rùmadal Meadhanach and Rùmadal a-Staigh, Alec Hector MacDonald, Hynish, 6/2019 (oral source): + ScG a-mach 'outer', meadhanach 'middle' and a-staigh 'inner'; presumably this was for fishing at different stages of the tide

Related Places:

A fishing rock.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Willie Lamont, Mannal, 9/1995

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: John MacDonald, Mannal, SA1972, 144