Township: Hynish

Map Reference: Hynish 14

Name Type: sea

Meaning: The specific is probably a male ON personal name such as Boðvarr or Boðólfr (see Gammeltoft 2001, 297) followed by the genitive morpheme /s/. The generic is ON hólmr 'island': hólmr > -am in Grèineam (Cox 2002, 303).
There is a Boadi Geo in Yell, Shetland (SP); in Norway, there is a Bådvidalen, and names in Bos- are common in Norway, such as Bosnes (NG); and Båstad in Norway is derived from the male ON personal name B?ðvarr or Bosi (NS).

Other Forms: Boghasum - OS

Related Places:


Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Willie Lamont, Mannal, 9/1995

Informant 2: OS